13 Christmas gifts that won’t be out of stock due to supply chain shortages this holiday season

The holiday season has arrived, and there could be challenges for buyers due to the supply chains affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be quality giveaways, as there are several physical and digital giveaways that consumers can enjoy and will never run out of stock.

“There is a triple whammy for consumers this buying season: higher prices, limited quantities and empty store shelves from previous sales that have since ended,” said Edgar Dworsky, a consumer advocate. , who blamed shipping delays and inflation for the challenges. , through United States today. “There are always shortages of toys or tech items of the year, but all of these factors are making things worse this year.”

There are 13 gifts buyers can purchase that not only won’t be out of stock, but they’ll also appear before Christmas. Here’s a look at the best Christmas gifts that will never run out.

Paramount +

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Want to watch some of the best original content as well as classic shows from Nickelodeon and MTV? Paramount + is the go-to streaming service. Some of the shows that fans can enjoy are The game, the Rugrats, the challenge, and Texas 6. Plus, Paramount + is a great place to watch the most popular movies.

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Who doesn’t like music? With Spotify, music fans can listen to the best songs from their favorite artists anytime. The music platform is also a great place to listen to exclusive podcasts, including Chair expert hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.

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Apple Music

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For iPhone users, Apple Music is the perfect way to listen to music. Consumers can stream music and playlists on demand, and access Internet radio. And the more you listen, the better the service, because Apple Music personalizes the listening experience.

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Xbox Game Pass

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For just $ 10 per month, gamers can sign up for Xbox Game Pass to play some of the best games on Xbox. It’s a perfect gift for anyone looking to purchase the new console, Xbox Series X. Game Pass Ultimate, which features games for console, PC and EA Play, is the best option for the holiday season.

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Free space

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There’s a lot of talk about mental health, and Headspace is a great way to deal with any mental issues you might have. Users of the app can use different tools to help with sleep, meditation, and stress relief, which almost all of us are dealing with constantly.

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(Photo: Noom)

Want to lose weight to start 2022? Noom is the best way to do this because it uses a combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching to make people as healthy as possible. Noom isn’t about weight loss because the company insists on changing your eating behavior.

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(Photo: Aaptiv)

Another way to be healthy is to use the Aaptiv fitness app. It is audio only and supports outdoor workouts. There are also 4,000 workouts to explore, and consumers can subscribe to the app for $ 50 per month as a special offer.

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(Photo: Sunbasket)

If you are looking for healthy meals, Sunbasket is the place for you. The meal kit delivery service uses organic ingredients that offer different plans for vegetarians, vegans, keto, and paleo. For this reason, Sunbasket is a bit more expensive than other meal kit delivery services.

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Hunt a killer

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Real crime has been trending recently, making Hunt A Killer the ultimate giveaway. Consumers can choose a mystery or horror plan, and each box includes letters, photos, cards, evidence, police and forensic reports. It will probably also be a very popular gift after Christmas.

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Master class

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There is never anything wrong with learning something new, and MasterClass is the best way to do it. If you want to learn how to cook, act, write, produce or make movies, there are several notable personalities to teach you how to do it on MasterClass.

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Bean & Bean

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Coffee is a must for many people. This means that the Bean & Bean coffee company is the best way to make sure you never run out of your favorite drink. Bean & Bean lets you choose your favorite roast, grind, coffee beans at the consistency you want and more.

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Barnes & Noble

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Want to catch up on some winter reading? Barnes & Noble offers a wide variety of books and magazines to help you enjoy the interior during the cold seasons days and nights. Barnes & Noble also offers toys and games for children as well as music.

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(Photo: KiwiCo)

KiwiCo is the best way for kids to start and finish projects. The company offers different art and science projects for all ages, which will help them become strong problem solvers as they get older. Parents simply choose a plan and the first box will ship in a few days.

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