2022 String Band Summit – call for participation, deadline extended

East Tennessee State University’s Bluegrass, Old Time & County Music Studies Program will host the first of what they hope will be the Annual String Band Summit in April 2022.

This is an academic conference bringing together musicians, teachers and scholars of all forms of string orchestral music to discuss and learn from each other about the types of string orchestral music played and preserved in the whole world.

The initial summit will be held April 8-10 next year at the University of Johnson City, TN. On behalf of the committee, Dr Lee Bidgood announced an extension of the initial call for participation until next week, November 22, for presentations at the Summit.

He provided the following information.

A selection committee will select three types of proposals:

1) Scholarly presentations lasting 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions and discussion. These presentations should highlight your research into the history, practice, personalities and contexts of string orchestral music. Your presentation should introduce participants to the process and product of your research, providing new insight into our understanding of how music has worked and / or works today. The content presented must be relevant, innovative and accessible.

2) Educational presentations or workshops of 30 or 60 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussions. Educational presentations should immerse participants in the types of teaching environments that you create in your teaching work. Workshops should be participatory and should teach participants a particular style, technique or practice. Content may include music history, music theory, business, sound technology, instrument maintenance, etc.

3) Organized panels / round tables of 75 minutes. Organized panels should include 3-4 presenters and a moderator. The round tables should consist mainly of discussions among the participants.

We invite the participation of artists, performers and practitioners, luthiers, songwriters and event promoters, as well as academics and teachers in ethnomusicology, musicology, music education, theory of music. music, dance, art history, history, cultural studies, political science, anthropology, sociology, area studies, media studies, folklore, performance studies and other relevant disciplines. Proposals from graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged. The committee will select the presenters anonymously.

The inaugural Rope Ban Summit will also feature performances and workshops hosted by the program committee, made up of faculty and academics from several institutions. Members include Lee Bidgood, Gabriela Fuentes, Joseph Johnson, Richard Jones-Bamman, Ben Krakauer, Jordan Laney, Mark Miyake, Jocelyn Neal, Nate Olson, Ted Olson, Raquel Paraiso, Greg Reish, Laura Risk and Joti Rockwell.

The committee created a Google form for submitting proposals online.

Anyone with questions about possible presentations that do not exactly match the above suggestions are encouraged to contact Dr Bidgood by email.

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