A stringed instrument from the Pando community on display at the museum

As part of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya’s “Exhibit of the Month” popular museum series, a traditional object is displayed for an entire month. The April 2022 Exhibition – “Kindra” – A Stringed Instrument of the Pando Community of Village: Sukhari, Tehsil: Ambikapur, District: Surguja, State: Chhattisgarh, is on display in the Indoor Exhibition Building – Veethi Sankul.

The “exhibition of the month” was inaugurated by Shri Rakesh Kumar Bhatt, assistant curator, IGRMS, renowned personalities present on this occasion. This exhibition of the month had been collected by Smt. Rashmi Shukla, Assistant Keeper and composed by Shri Mohan Lal Goyal, Museum Assistant.

About the exhibit in the exhibit Mohan Lal Goyal, an assistant of the museum, said that Kindra is an ancient stringed instrument of the Pando tribe of Chhattisgarh made of bamboo and tooma (dried gourd). It is also known as Kindra or Tambura in Madhya Pradesh and Tambura in Karnataka.

The Kindra prepared by covering the tooma with the skin of Goh (Indian monitor lizard) is held in the left hand and played with a heavy wire in the right hand. Ghungroos (small metal bells) are also attached to this thread. The sound of these bells creates a wonderful effect when combined with the song.

The sweet sound of tin bhinn bhinn emanates from Kindra. Kindra is played by moving while dancing or keeping it upright while standing on your knees. It is also a favorite instrument of Bhajan singers and Pandwani singers.

Structure of Kindra: The length of Kindra is about three to four feet. It consists of a long bamboo stick, which is attached to a round tooma (dry gourd). After being part of the Kindra, the tooma is known as the Tabli. It consists of three strings, which are attached to the nail on the tooma side and three separate pegs on the other side. These strings pass over a wooden bridge over the tooma and are attached to their respective pegs at the other end parallel to the entire bamboo stick. The upper part of the kindra is decorated with peacock feathers. Made of bamboo, tooma and goh skin, this instrument is played while singing hymns and other songs. A rope is attached to the kindra to hang it on the wall or carry it over the shoulder from place to place.

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