All together now: sound x design | 01/16/2022

Sound is what happens when air is pushed. Design is what happens when space is manipulated. Designers and musicians are complementary. Each relies on rhythm, melody, form, harmony, texture and dynamics to communicate ideas and emotions beyond words. Isn’t a book or a publication as tied to time and sequence as a symphony in three movements? Doesn’t a duet between voice and piano contain two distinct colors which, when combined, create an entirely new hue?

The parallels between design and music are countless, although the fields rarely seem to overlap. All Together Now: Sound × Design explores these intersections through the work of 24 artists, designers and musicians from across the country, each chosen through a blind jury selection process from over 70 submissions. In conjunction with the City of Chicago’s Year of Music, All Together Now will illustrate and celebrate the ways music, sound and design can come together to create something entirely new.

Work exhibited in the City of Chicago Expo 72 Gallery at 72 E. Randolph will incorporate or be inspired by music (in an abstract manner), enable the performance of music itself (such as the design of an instrument), or be used to sell or brand music (such as a logo or packaging.) By integrating contemporary and historical works, All Together Now celebrates the essential role that music has always played in Chicago’s creative culture.

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