Arrivage Unveils Ultimate Uber Vehicle Design

Arrival is an electric car company that aims to launch a vehicle specifically for VTC services and their drivers. The first prototype is now complete and the automaker plans to start testing it in 2022.

The arrival car prototype was created in just six months taking advantage of the company’s existing technology Van and the Bus projects. Engineers also worked with Uber drivers to tailor the vehicle to their needs.

The exterior design prioritizes visibility for the driver, so there are huge windows and an expansive windshield. The short front overhang and angled nose would provide a good view from the front. Occupants can take advantage of the large transparent roof, and it’s quite high, so headroom shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Inside, passengers are seated in a back seat. Arrival claims that the vehicle’s design offers twice as much legroom as an average car of the same length. Up front, the driver holds a simple two-spoke steering wheel with directional pads on each side. A phone holder is directly behind the wheel. There is no such thing as a traditional dashboard. Instead, the central infotainment screen handles these tasks.

“Uber drivers worked with Arrival to provide feedback on the design of the first fully electric car specifically designed for the ride-hailing industry,” said Jamie Heywood, regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe. ‘Is at Uber.

As a vehicle specifically for carpooling services, the arrival car emphasizes cost, availability, driver comfort, safety and convenience. The company wants the model to work best in urban areas where the majority of VTC customers are located. The automaker does not yet offer details on the powertrain or battery on the vehicle.

Arrival plans to tweak the car during the test phase based on feedback. The company does not say when it wants to launch the product.

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