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Musical combinations can be strange beasts. This is particularly true of modern forms which graze not so defined territories, or of those which really switch musical roles.

While moving into not-so-defined territories, such as modern dance music and jazz, or anything involving modern classical music, is not uncommon, changing musical roles could be. Again, with the involvement of modern classical music.

But there is a current example where these two things come into effect. And effectively at that. To hear this you need to check Ghosts revisited, the latest album from the Pittsburgh Beo String Quartet.

Perhaps this channel nickname can be a clarification, but also a source of confusion. Yes, it is formally a string quartet, which composes its own music deeply rooted in modern classical music.

Yet, on the other hand, this is a string quartet that adds “standard” instruments that appear in any other type of modern music and also adds vocals.

Okay, we’ve heard of this before, a lot of these combinations have been lumped together in progressive rock. But, the Beo String Quartet adds a touch here, which is not so usual to find and hear, as their producer Sean Neukom explains:

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“We reversed the roles of the string quartet against the rock combo that is normally found in popular styles. In Ghosts revisited, it is the strings that give us the material of the sound. Drums, guitar, bass and vocals add up for more definition and texture.

And you can hear it on this album as the interplay of strings with other instruments and vocals seamlessly rocking through this combination of modern classic, prog, and alternative rock. Alt room, if you will. Alt that works, sure.

Beo String Quartet - Reaction 'Ghosts Revisited' |  Reviews |  LIVE LIFE WITHOUT FEAR

Beo String Quartet – Reaction “Ghosts Revisited”


On ‘Ghosts Revisited’, the Beo String Quartet adds a twist to its modern classic / progressive rock combination.

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