Bernice shares a playlist of instrumental music that influenced her new album

Through their individual careers playing in backing groups for artists ranging from Andy Shauf to Beverly Glenn-Copeland, members of Berenice absorbed an incredibly wide range of stage experiences, as well as a wide range of influences that inspired the artists they performed with. Naturally, the songs they compose together draw on a bit of everything from jazz and R&B to minimalist electronics and conventional rock.

Bonjourno water, their latest opus, gradually hums and blips through dance-y moments (reminiscent of recent upbeat experimental jam projects like PE) and periods of introspection, resulting in a record as enjoyable as it is difficult to pin down. While Robin Dann provides a vocal anchor through this curvy tracklist, his backing band — keyboardist / guitarist Thom Gill, electronic percussionist Philippe Melanson, bassist Daniel Fortin and singer Felicity Williams — introduce all types of music. unique sounds that zag whenever you anticipate a zig.

To talk about the instrumental side of the project, the band shares a playlist of non-vocal songs that helped shape the record, giving insight into each choice. Listen to that below and read on for a bit of commentary. You can pre-order the new disc here.

Sawako, “Jupiter c.loud”

Robin: This album is beyond me.

Lindsay Cooper, “Botticelli”

Thomas: Canterbury and beyond superstar you always know it’s her. Its dark and earthy double reed tones flatter your clothesline. Its comfortable-comfortable, retro-alien, light-is-the dark harmonic jargons. Major. Rest on….

Actress, “Holy Water”

Phil: I love the digital curls and texture.

Reid Anderson / Dave King / Craig Taborn, Golden Valley Is Now, “City Diamond”

Dan: I love this record. All the parts are meticulously composed, but when it’s all put together there is this energy that seems to be improvised in some way.

David Virelles, “The Scribe”

Congratulated: I don’t know how to dream, but I dream.

William Lawes, Music Consort, “Fantazy (Sunrise)”

Robin: It is like a perpetual opening, like a flower that rises forever. Four hundred years old and still new.

Mary watkins, “Silent praise “

Thomas: Big fan of everyone from Olivia Records, but especially of everything Mary was a part of. This 2003 “meditation” is a new atmosphere for her. Looks like a pre-mirror scene Twin peaks. Everything is dry, thank goodness. (Check out Olivia’s YouTube channel for a very recent home gig with Mary, a must see.)

Ellen Arkbro, “Three”

Phil: I like the patience and the tuning.

Kenny Drew Trio, Pal Joey, “Do It The Hard Way”

Dan: I come back to this recording often – in fact, sometimes I only listen to the first five seconds a few times in a row. The hookup of the rhythm section is so beautiful, so instantly swayed right off the bat.

Arve Henriksen, “Ash feather”

Feli: I bought this record on a whim at Amoeba in LA and listened to this song over and over again on subsequent drives in the desert. If I could line my inner life with that shade of happy-sad, I would.

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