Cort KX700 EverTune, the perfect modern 6-string for precision playing?

Cort KX700 EverTune ·

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The Cort KX700 EverTune is the latest iteration of the company’s KX series. It offers a host of benefits for guitarists looking for a modern, high-performance instrument. With some pretty amazing specs, which include some great hardware choices, all geared towards the modern guitarist.

KX700 EverTune

This new KX700 EverTune is the latest Cort model to feature modern, high-quality hardware and features. All of this should benefit your game if you like modern metal styles. The five-piece maple/walnut neck features a 15.75″ radius ebony touch with 24 stainless steel frets, more Luminlay phosphorescent side dots. He also has the spoked wheel adjuster bar adjustment easily accessible downwards from the bottom of the key. I’m a fan of these because they make setup so easy and it’s a great feature.

Cort KX700 EverTune Front

EverTune loaded

Cort KX700 EverTune back

Cort KX700 EverTune back


The KX700 EverTune has, as its name suggests, a EverTune ET1001F bridge system mounted on the mahogany body with a ash High. This allows the guitar to stay in tune, holding its tuning in place through EverTune’s proprietary system. This model is therefore perfect for intensive use. The guitar is finished in a black open pore finished on the ash top, with plain sides and back where you can see the mahogany, so it looks very elegant.

Cort Logo

Cort “next generation” logo

They also feature the new Cort ‘Next Gen’ logo in the black headstock. The doll itself features a set of Cort offset locking tunersand all hardware is finished in black nickel to match the vertex.

Seymour Duncan

This model is factory equipped with a set of Seymour Duncan Feeling (neck) and Nazgul (bridge) humbucker pickups. These are wired using a single volume and tone control with a three way switch. I suspect these pickups will be great for riff-crushing work and clean lead guitar leads. You can hear the guitar itself in action in the demo video below.

KX700 EverTune

A great choice for the modern guitarist?

Modern Guitar Styles

You get what you pay for here if you want a modern guitar. It’s not a multi-scale and it has passive ceramic humbuckers, so it won’t be for everyone. But, I still think it should sound great for the type of music you might be playing on it. This six-string shredder certainly packs the features of the modern guitarist.

You may remember the recent Manson MBM-2 models. Cort builds them and so if they are good enough for Mansions and Matt Bellamy, then they should be pretty good all around. I think Cort’s reputation has grown stronger and stronger over the past few years, and guitars like this new KX700 EverTune are one of them.

MSRP – USD 1999 *

Cort KX700 Evertune Black Open Pore

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