Dental Supply Plus offers excellent services and products at a competitive price.

Oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects of personal care. More than three billion people suffer from oral diseases for various reasons. With recent developments in dentistry, technology and procedures, more and more dental companies are improving the quality of their service. Dental Supply Plus is one of the industry players leading the way.

Dental Supply Plus LLC is a leading dental company that offers high quality service and legitimate dental and medical supplies and equipment. Dental Supply Plus LLC is known for its integration of market analysis and expertise in dentistry; its customers find their prices more competitive than other dental companies. “We don’t just sell you dental products; we also provide personalized and long-term support for your practice,” shares Abe Awad. First and foremost, Dental Supply Plus is a supply clinic whose extensive inventory of professional supplies helps dentists across the country. The company provides everything from orthodontic kits to teeth whitening kits. It also has a wide selection of oral surgery instruments that meet the ideal standards of dental care.

Abe Awad is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Dental Supply Plus and has built a strong reputation for providing high quality dental services, supplies and equipment. His personal experience opened his eyes to the fact that he could meet people’s dental needs by offering their products and services at very competitive prices.

From an early age, Abe entered the industry at an early age and started learning the ins and outs. He would go to trade shows with his father and learn all he could talk about products and services that helped dental practitioners with various cases and concerns. This exposure would give him a thorough understanding of dental supplies. Eventually, this background gave rise to the idea of ​​Dental Supply Plus. “I knew I could impact the dental industry online if I offered the same products as in the catalogs for a fraction of the cost,” says Awad.

Dental Supply Plus is distinguished by its ability to offer quality brands at a competitive price. They stay on top of their game by researching the behavior of their target market, the price of their product, and their unique selling proposition. “We want our potential customers to avoid paying too much, not getting the service they need, and getting the wrong product,” says one senior member of the dental business.

The company upholds the values ​​of customer trust, respect and quality and is highly visible in the level of satisfaction its customers receive. They can achieve this reputation thanks to the strong support of their team which is very accessible whether by phone or email. Additionally, their knowledgeable team ensures that every client has a hassle-free experience with their business.

As the network of Dental Supply Plus grows, they seek to attract dental professionals looking to minimize their overhead. Moreover, they are looking for business partners who want to grow their business through low prices for their products and services. One of their efforts to reach more business partners is to develop a user-friendly dental supplies website that allows their customers to navigate effortlessly and access the leading product brands in the market.

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