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Pune: Shops selling dhol and tasha across the city have seen a surge in sales as dhol-tasha groups have started their practice for the upcoming 10-day Ganapati festival. However, there is a serious shortage of membrane (skin), which is purchased in Hyderabad and Latur.
Traders, who are seeing customers after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, said there was strong demand for the two percussion instruments.
Vijay Naik of Naik Musicals said, “There were no customers in 2018 due to heavy rain, and in the following years there were no festivals. We see customers after almost three years, and there is a huge demand for dhol and tasha, especially after the dhol-tasha troops have started their training sessions.
“We also sent dhol and tasha to various US-based troops. There is also demand from other countries,” Naik said.
“We sell around 200 membranes every day, but the demand is even greater. However, we are unable to meet the demand as there is a severe shortage of skins, which we source from Latur and Hyderabad,” he said.
People are not lacking in enthusiasm to buy dhol and tasha despite their skyrocketing prices. “Previously, the big dhol cost 3,800 rupees. The same dhol now carries a price of Rs5,500. Likewise, there is an increase of Rs300 in the cost of tasha,” Naik said.
Another trader, Shantanu K, said, “We sell around 50 dhols and 75 tashas a day. There is also a huge demand for small tasha, which are popular among Bal Mandals managed by children.
Lawyer Anis Padekar, chairman of the Yuva Vadya Pathak Trust, said: “There hasn’t been a festival for the past three years, and we thought young people might not turn to dhol troupes anymore. tasha. However, a high number of young people have joined the troops this year even though the number of troops has been reduced to 80.”
“Previously, there were around 120 troops in the city, but many did not survive the lockdown. We are following the guidelines issued by Pune City Police while practicing,” he added.


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