DOE Hosts 5th Wood Burning Appliance Design Challenge Q&A Webinar

On May 19, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Bioenergy Technologies will host a webinar titled “Wood Heater Design Challenge Q&A”. The event aims to provide interested parties with information relating to the 5and Wood Stove Design Challenge.

The international competition aims to show how modern technologies can help consumers use wood and pellets to meet renewable energy needs. The challenge also aims to bring many models of automated wood stoves to market in the coming years.

DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, Berkely National Laboratory and the Alliance for Green Heat announced in December 2021 the launch of the 5and Wooden design challenge. A Technology Slam will take place in September 2022 and the final competition is expected to be held in the winter of 2023. According to BNL, participants wishing to complete the competition must participate in a Research SLAM. The SLAM research will follow a “Shark Tank” type presentation in which participants will present a 5-10 minute video presentation highlighting their woodstove design and value proposition. A panel of judges will review these submissions and select the best innovative technology ideas to advance in the competition.

The DOE is hosting a series of workshops related to the competition. In January, the agency held a virtual workshop focusing on advances in wood-burning appliance design and technology. A second workshop, held in February, focused on advances in instrumentation used for wood burning testing and field data collection.

The Q&A webinar scheduled for May 19 will feature BETO Chief Technology Officer Mark Shmorhun, Brookhaven National Laboratory Engineer Rebecca Trojanowski, National Laboratory Research Scientist Lawrence Berkely Vi Rapp, and the founder of the Green Heat Alliance John Ackerly. Shmorhun, Trojanowski, Rapp and Ackerly will discuss the challenge and take questions from the audience.

Topics expected to be discussed at the event include the Technology Slam, which is a public form where teams will showcase innovative wood burning ideas. The webinar will also discuss ways in which BETO can advance woodburning appliance technology, woodburning appliance development capabilities at Brookhaven and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, how woodburning appliances will be tested for emissions at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the benefits of efficient, low-emission wood stoves. .

Additional information is available on the BETO website.

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