Duncan Aviation offers a soft to wild design

Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek, Michigan team took a well-used CL-604 and completely updated and transformed the aircraft. Focusing on current design trends and incorporating the owner’s specific tastes, Duncan Aviation Principal Designer Emily Krawczak brought together blacks, grays and silvers for a stunning interior. Along with the highly styled interior, the aircraft received new paint, avionics upgrades and a 12-month inspection, and it was provisioned for an aero-medical air stretcher unit.

Based in Australia and with limited resources for this type of project, the first aircraft owner was looking to transform their well-used aircraft into something contemporary centered around current trends.

“Because the owner was represented by a management team, they brought this US-based pre-owned aircraft to us, knowing that it would eventually be registered overseas,” says Adam Bruce, sales representative for the completions/amendments. “It was in desperate need of a refurbishment, and the owner requested a contemporary interior that also allowed for comfort on long flights.”

When it landed at Duncan Aviation, the plane’s colors were outdated browns, golds and beiges. Upon delivery, the interior featured blacks, grays, and silvers, which landed the plane right in the 21st century.

Bringing visions to life

The owner and his wife had a general idea of ​​how they wanted the interior to feel and worked closely with Emily to bring their vision to life.

“He liked the darker colors, while his wife wanted the plane to be light and bright,” says Emily. “I think we have found a good balance between the two visions. He was also very interested in a highly customized chair design.

The Duncan Aviation Interior team touched on all aspects of the interior except for the cabinet interior laminate. The project was highlighted by a full hydrographic package for all woodwork, custom seat upholstery, laminate upper kitchen accents, new soft goods and new veneer.

The aircraft was also provisioned for an aero-medical air stretcher unit with a pneumatic stair-climbing mechanism, a removable left forward bulkhead to accommodate the stretcher installation, and custom flooring for medical missions .

“All of these can be removed to convert the aircraft for special missions, as well as standard use,” Adam explains. “It’s basically an ambulance plane. Medical services in Australia sometimes require travel to access them, and this aircraft is now capable of safely transporting patients over long distances.

Custom painting

The owner had seen a model of another aircraft with a similar paint scheme and fell in love with the colors. The challenge was to find an aircraft paint that matched, so the Duncan Aviation team asked their paint supplier to do a custom match.

“After that, it was all about finding the right color combination,” says Emily. “He was very involved in the process and in the end we produced a quirky and striking paint scheme that looks fast.”

The aircraft’s exterior was painted in a platinum bead base and included a stone bead nose that fades into diagonal stripes along the body, creating a shadow effect. The stripes extend over the engines, bringing balance to the scheme. Gold accents on the body and fins add interest and color.

Seeing only renderings of what the paint and interior will look like always gives a sense of heightened anticipation around the shop as we wait for the project to be completed.

“The owner had nothing but positive things to say about seeing his plane painted in person,” says Emily.

Avionics improvements

The aircraft also received avionics upgrades for new lighting, the installation of new USB inputs and the removal of obsolete monitors, replacing them with a charging hub for personal devices inside. the rear divan cupboard. We also created a new audio interface unit and installed a Gogo Airshow Mobile 2 unit.

Duncan Aviation crews performed a 12-month inspection, corrected an ice protection service bulletin, replaced landing/taxi LED lights and produced an export airworthiness certificate needed for the aircraft to leave the United States and return home.

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