Eric Clapton’s Six-String Stories Commercial Edition Now Available

Genesis Publications has announced the commercial release of its much sought-after limited edition book, Six String Stories by Eric Clapton. Released on November 23 in the UK and worldwide on November 30, it can be ordered from

“One by one, these guitars have been the chapters of my life. They belong to a very loved family.
– Eric Clapton

In Six String Stories, Eric looks back on a legendary career told through the tools of his trade: his guitars. For the first time, here are the instruments that Eric sold in three record-breaking auctions between 1999 and 2011 to benefit the Crossroads Treatment Center in Antigua, which he founded in 1998. Featuring some of the most famous guitars. most iconic ever played, Eric guides the reader through nearly 300 instruments as he discusses their provenance, reveals insights into his own playing, and shares anecdotes from every chapter of his spectacular life in music.

Six String Stories presents a “family tree” which establishes links between iconic instruments, such as his famous Stratocaster “Blackie”, and previously unknown rarities, placing them in the chronology of his career. Eric remembers the instruments he bought to emulate his heroes, the guitars of unknown origins that became their own legend, the ones that never left him and the legacy they left. Each piece has been individually photographed, revealing every curve, detail and streak, while the work of more than 80 of the world’s top rock photographers show the instruments in play. Learn about the guitarist’s evolution from the psychedelic 60s, by the way through the stripped 70s, electric 80s and unplugged 90s, until the last guitar was sold.

Historical and technical information for each piece in the collection – including playlists and concert dates for instruments used on records and in public appearances – complete the story of each guitar.

“These guitars were great tools; these are not just museum pieces. They all have a soul and they all come to life.
– Eric Clapton

Six-String Stories by Eric Clapton: Crossroads from Genesis Publications on Vimeo.

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