Florida miners charged with battery after spraying stupid string at others, police say

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 30: Corey Feldman is doused in ‘Silly String’ during his performance with ‘Truth Movement’ on his 35th anniversary at the House of Blues on July 30, 2006 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images)

Who knew something so stupid could be so serious?

Officials say two boys are facing battery charges after spraying fellow miners with a silly string over the weekend.

The Cape Coral Police Department said two boys sprayed stupid string at two other boys at an ice cream shop on Saturday night. Apparently two boys were inside the Ice Cream Club in Cape Coral when two other boys came in and sprayed them with silly string.

Reports say the parents of the two victims have been made aware of what happened and have decided to press charges.

Police said they found the boys nearby, where they admitted to spraying the other two children.

Due to their age, the names of the suspects or victims have not been released. No injuries were reported among the victims.

[Source: NBC 2]

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