Honda Step WGN 2022 minivan debuts with square design and spacious interior

Honda presented the new 2022 Step WGN for the Japanese market, which will compete with Toyota Noah and Voxy as well as Nissan Serena. The MPV is available in three types: Step WGN Air, Spada and Spada Premium Line.

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While its exterior features a simple, clean design, its interior is spacious and offers an unobstructed view from any seat.

The Step WGN Air features a thin plated molding, giving the square body a clean and simple design while the Step WGN Spada has a large, heavy grille and dark chrome molding all around the lower end of the body. The 2022 model year doors open upwards while the previous version had a pair of asymmetric doors that could swing sideways or open in one piece upwards. These gates were called the Waku Waku gate.

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The highlight of the model is its interior as the van offers a fairly generous headroom and the cabin has an airy element thanks to the larger body. The dashboard of the Honda minivan features a straight look, as does the all-new HR-V and Civic. In the center, there is a floating screen and a shelf just above the glove box. There is also an instrument cluster which is digital.

The second row seats in the Step WGN consist of a pair of captain’s chairs that can move side to side, back and forth. The second and third row seats can also be reclined flat to form a bed.

While Honda has yet to reveal the powertrain specs for the van, hybrid and non-hybrid versions will be available. The gasoline-electric model will feature Honda’s latest e-HEV hybrid drive system, while the Step-WGN hybrid features a push-button gear selector. The non-hybrid model uses a conventional lever.

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