In short: the thong sling

Many of us love music equipment. While we’re often constantly on the hunt for the next thing, we’re also proud of what we’ve already saved up for, the gear we’ve been working on, and especially the kit items we’ve tracked. maniacally. as they navigate their way through the maze of postal and courier services.

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Once we have acquired the equipment that will finally help us achieve that sound, it is important to take care of the equipment, so that it is in perfect playing condition when inspiration strikes. The string sling, a product that is making waves in the United States, takes care of care and maintenance. In addition to being a protective neck strap and jacket for your guitar, the String Sling is a plush-covered neck sling for your guitar or bass on the go. The String Sling is made from premium fabric and Japanese elastic, designed for a snug but secure fit over any number of finishes on your guitar or bass.

The String Sling is available in black, red and white/olympic cream to match your style. The inner lining is a premium microfiber fabric that protects your strings without leaving any fluff or fuzz. Because the String Sling doubles as a strap, it can be attached securely to strap buttons and doll, and the extra-wide Velcro allows it to be attached to itself so the String Sling can fit comfortably to any instrument, protecting the strings, frets, and neck from corrosion made worse by playing, as well as protecting the finish from rust or dirt that builds up on the strings after a gig.

Plus, the String Sling has a handy pouch to safely store the small accessories you use every day – so there’s no more scrambling for guitar picks, your capo or spare patch cables in the bottom of a case or bag. When it’s not protecting your strings, the String Sling acts as a sleek, professional strap that allows the microfiber to be hidden inside the strap and provides super comfort. Until you use a strap that is definitely comfortable, you won’t know how uncomfortable your current straps are! A strap extension is available, as are strap locks for String Sling and String Sling branded picks.

The String Sling is the kind of gear that is an upgrade for all players. Room guitarists may have a few guitars that don’t get played every day, and protecting those strings between sets can greatly improve string life, providing superior tone, twang, and tuning. Professional musicians can benefit from the protection of the String Sling during touring and travel, as well as the handy pouch acting as an extra place to store necessary accessories such as tuners, tools, cables and picks in your luggage during the flight, and without risk of obtaining them. lost at the bottom of another bag. Collectors and vintage guitar enthusiasts can have a growing collection of guitars stored in cases, and the String Sling can preserve those guitars, their strings, and the finishes better than any other product on the market. Recording studios may have a number of guitars that get used a lot, but protecting those single-turn guitars and basses so they can shine at the right time is hugely beneficial! Unique guitars aren’t always the right tones for the right song at the right time, but when they are, you better believe that guitars and their strings need to be relied on in the heat of battle. Knowing now that the String Sling covers instrument protection, how does it work as a strap?

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