Instrumental music can convey deeper meaning than words

The musician told Azania Mosaka on #702Unplugged that he and David Arkenstone produced their album in wildly different time zones.

Wouter Kellerman is a multiple award winner. The Grammy Award-winning South African flautist, producer and composer has also won eight South African Music Awards.

Kellerman received a Grammy Award for his 2014 album Winds of Samsara, a collaboration with Indian composer and producer Ricky Kej. It reached No. 1 on the US New Age Album Billboard charts.

"> Wouter worked with David Arkenstone on Pangea.

The musician told Azania Mosaka more on #702Unplugged.

I am I am in Las Vegas. That’s where I can find work right now. The music of this new album calls for unity.

Wouter Kellerman, musician

Music can be very emotional, so we infuse it with what connects people.

David Arkenstone, musician

Instrumentals can convey a deeper meaning than words can express.

Wouter Kellerman, musician

They produced the music at different places.

It can be very difficult to work in extremely different time zones. We started sending each other files when the lockdown started last year.

David Arkenstone, musician

I flew to LA. We had been on Facebook for a while. Today we released our first music video. Our goal at the moment is to get our music out.

Wouter Kellerman, musician

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