Launch of the 5th wood stove design challenge with a January workshop

The Brookhaven National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy, as well as the Alliance for Green Heat, announced on December 16 the launch of the 5e Wood Stove Design Challenge, whose final competition is scheduled for winter 2023.

According to BNL, the initiative aims to bring together researchers, developers and manufacturers to identify and demonstrate new ways to systematically reduce emissions from the next generation of wood stoves. The first year of the challenge includes a series of seminars with national and international academics, experts and industry leaders. The second year includes a “tech slam” where judges will select which teams will receive funding. In the third year, teams will build prototypes of next-generation wood stoves that will be tested under carefully controlled laboratory conditions.

“This competition will explore how far we can go to advance residential biomass combustion. Wood-burning stove technology doesn’t have to be a thing of the past, ”said Rebecca Trojanowski, Brookhaven lab engineer.

A statement released by BNL explains that the international competition intends to show how modern technologies can help consumers use wood and pellets to meet renewable energy needs. The challenge is also to bring many models of automated wood stoves to market in the years to come.

Registration for the first workshop is open until January 7. The virtual workshop, scheduled for January 11-12, focuses on advancements in wood-burning appliance design and technology. The event will include short technical presentations followed by breakout sessions focused on improving biomass combustion through modeling, advanced control strategies, advanced combustion strategies, maintaining biomass relevance in the field of electrified heating, catalysts and ESPs, and advanced design concepts for hydronic heaters.

A second workshop focusing on the advancements in instrumentation used for wood-burning testing and field data collection is scheduled for February 22-23, while a third workshop focusing on the adoption of the new technology wood heating and integration with other renewable energies is scheduled for March 28. 29.

The Technology Slam will take place in fall 2022, and the stove competition is slated for winter 2023. According to BNL, participants wishing to complete the competition must participate in a research SLAM. The SLAM research will follow a ‘Shark Tank’ type pitch in which participants will present a 5-10 minute video presentation highlighting the design and value proposition of their wood-burning appliance. A panel of judges will review these presentations and select the best innovative technological ideas to advance in the competition.

Additional information is available on the BNL website.

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