Lewes musicians seek other string players

Eva DelGallo, violin and cello teacher at the Music School of Delaware with a private studio in Lewes, and Steve Greifer, a lifelong and passionate amateur violinist, invite violinists, violists, cellists and bass players to play chamber music together .

“We haven’t found a group in our area to join, so we hope to provide an outlet for local players, regardless of skill level or time commitment, to come together and play,” DelGallo said.

Greifer played in the Westchester (New York) Amateur Musicians Orchestra before retiring to Milton. Now in the Cape Town area, he hopes to help recreate the fun, camaraderie and good music he found in his previous community.

Whether musicians want to put new lessons to work, are considering dusting off an instrument for the first time in years, or just feel the urge to pick up that bow, DelGallo and Greifer want to play with them.

No audition, no obligation, no fees and no hassle involved. DelGallo and Greifer just want to create an informal way to meet other musicians to play in a duo, quartet, string band or, who knows, maybe a community orchestra.

In the coming months they will be making plans for people to congregate somewhere near Lewes.

To express your interest, contact Eva DelGallo at 304-268-2195 or delgalloviolin@gmail.com, or Steve Greifer at sgreifer@gmail.com.

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