New Ranger vs Old Ranger vs Ford F-150 design comparison

TThe next-gen 2022 Ford Ranger takes inspiration not only from the F-150, but also from the outgoing model that has graced thousands of Australian aisles since 2011.

Not entirely new, the Ranger is based on a “third generation” version of the current T6 platform, dubbed “T6.2”. The big differences between this one and the old Ranger include; a new turbocharged V6 diesel, plenty of chassis tweaks, greater functionality and a complete overhaul inside and out – with a large portrait-oriented 12-inch touchscreen dominating the look of the cabin.


You can read more about the Ranger 2022 in our detailed story here, or check out all the details surrounding its expanded engine lineup here.

For now though, we take a look at how the new 2022 Ranger stacks up against the outgoing 2021 model – as well as it compares to its larger, recently revised sibling, the F-150 which inspired the latest ‘family look’ across. the brand. ute line-up – including the not-for-Australia Maverick.

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The biggest change between the 2022 Ranger and the current model is up front, with the sharp, narrow exiting headlights replaced by a set of much larger units with Ford’s closely related C-shaped LED daytime running lights. to the F-150.

A larger rectangular mesh grille contains a large Ford badge that separates a bar across the width of the Ranger, replacing the smaller hexagonal grille with body-colored inserts on the older model.

2021 Ford F150


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The H-shaped lower fairing is also new, and unlike the smoother designs seen in both the old Ranger and the F-150. However, like the F-150, the new Ranger carries a pair of double recovery hooks in the front bumper, accompanied by a small bash plate as well as a radar for active safety equipment.

The fog light housing is also connected to the Wildtrak’s fascia, although it retains a design theme similar to that of the outgoing Ranger – with a separate setup for the lower-grade XL / XLS / XLT / Sport variants.

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REVERSE 2021 Ford F 150 3


Note: This image of the F-150 has been flipped

The side of the new Ranger features a deeper character line running through both doors, in addition to a straighter waistline above the carry door handles.

There’s also a pair of redesigned exterior mirrors with slimmer LED indicators, along with an extended fender vent, similar in design to the F-150.

Ford claims almost all of the parts for the new Ranger are completely new and claims that existing glass and steel for components such as the exterior doors would not fit, although the side windows and door frames are apparently nearly identical to the old Ranger.

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The differences at the rear of the new Ranger are just as significant as at the front, with a pair of new red halogen or Ranger-first clear LED taillights (similar to the Isuzu D-Max), as well as the an embossed Ranger badge in place of stickers – a clear nod to the F-150 and smaller Maverick.

The sloped, streamlined tailgate design is also inspired by the larger F-150, instead of the largely flat tailgate shape of the current 2021 Ranger.

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Additionally, a step chock has been fitted to the side of the rear bumper – a new addition to the Ford pickup line – to help owners get up to reach the tub.

The interior of the new Ranger is where the inspiration for the F-150 really begins to appear, marking a drastic step up from the previous model.

With a more spacious design, the cabin of the next-generation Ranger is also more upscale and sports a host of new technologies.

4X4 Comparisons Australia May 21, 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor interior


An 8-inch digital instrument panel will be standard across the lineup, with a 10.1-inch Sync 4 touchscreen available on entry-level trims with a larger 12-inch unit (as seen above) on the higher variants. This portrait-oriented unit is similar to the version found in the all-electric F-150 Lightning, but with a bunch of bulky physical controls below to keep drivers happy.

The air vents are inspired by the design of the radiator grille, with the dashboard also featuring additional storage space above the glove box and under the air conditioning / multimedia controls.

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A chunky electronic shifter is also similar to the later F-150, though it lacks the nifty ability to fold up with the push of a button. The addition of an electronic parking brake also helped modernize the interior design of the Ranger, while improving practicality.

Perhaps the F-150’s biggest inspiration, however, is the Ranger’s new interior door handles.

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Rather than the traditional levers found on most vehicles today, the Ranger’s 1970s-style door levers are mounted in the fixed door handle, much like the flagship pickup truck of the Blue Oval.

Although scalable on the mechanical side, the 2022 T6.2 Ranger is radically separated from its predecessor T6 in design issues, with a clear influence from the larger F-150.

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