Piaggio 1, design and reliability in one scooter at Eicma 2021

From the meeting between Piaggio and Feng Chen Wang, one of the most experimental and innovative designers on the international scene, a special edition of Piaggio 1 was born, the brand new proposition of the Sestri Ponente brand for urban electric mobility.

Agile, light, essential and practical, this model revolutionizes the concept of electric scooter thanks to an attractive design with attention paid to every detail: the special edition Feng Chen Wang, previewed at the Milan Eicma 2021 fair, is characterized and made unique by an exclusive livery, in which the designer blends Chinese tradition with London creativity. Watercolor visually combines the natural elements of water and the symbol of the Phoenix, which it represents in Chinese mythology virtue and grace, and is drawn by hand using the traditional brush stroke technique, while the green coloring is reminiscent of not only native flora, but also universal values ​​such as health, prosperity and harmony.

The exclusive Piaggio 1 Feng Chen Wang (in the Piaggio 1 and Piaggio 1 Active versions) will be available in dealerships from February 2022, although the price has not yet been disclosed. Piaggio 1 combines the winning features of the most modern electric scooter with the quality and reliability and the brand’s long tradition. This means safety first and foremost, thanks to a solid chassis dedicated to driving pleasure, but also attractive design, high-level comfort and roominess and full technological equipment, which includes color digital instrumentation, full LED lights and a keyless system. .

The new Piaggio 1Feng Chen Wang was presented at the Eicma 2021 in Milan-Rho Fiera

Piaggio 1 is also the only electric scooter in its class with a large compartment under the saddle, capable of containing a full face jet helmet. The motorcycle is propelled by an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel: the moped version, with a speed limited to 45 km / h, delivers a power of 1.2 kW, while the motorcycle version (Piaggio 1 Active) has a 2 kW unit. Piaggio firmly believes in electric power: in fact, a few months ago an agreement was announced with KTM, Honda and Yamaha for the development of new batteries at the cutting edge of technology.

In both versions the battery is positioned under the saddle, easily removable in seconds and transportable for convenient charging at home or in the office. Practicality, convenience and quality have always been the fundamental points of the brand’s products, such as Piaggio 1. Finally, respect for the environment is also added to this scooter, as it has no CO2 emissions.

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