Pilates By Design illustrates the mechanisms of success

VACAVILLE – The popularity of Pilates – an isometric mind / body exercise regimen that combines low impact movement with muscle building and balance – really started to take off in the 1990s.

Even then, it was a slow burn.

But now Pilates is more popular than ever, as Jeni Ivovic, owner of Pilates by Design, can attest.

“I am a destination for people to feel good and in their bodies,” she said. “My God, I can’t even believe I created this. I’m so proud of it.

Ivovic’s studio in downtown Vacaville is calming, with cozy lighting and a neat interior. Her classes sometimes have month-long waiting lists, and seeing one makes it clear why so many people want to train in her space.

Classes are serene and calm, with instructors walking in and out of tables, helping each person achieve their “best personal best.”

“I am a healer by nature,” said Ivovic. “You just have to understand people and the way they think, and the way they are connected face-to-body in motion. . . . And then, how do you meet people where they are?

This is what she calls the “magic” of Pilates. No matter your age, size, fitness, or ability, you can do it. Ivovic or his instructors will get to know you and your needs and create a system designed to meet those needs.

The Pilates system is a series of springs, carriages, ropes and pulleys that can be adjusted for each user. Ivovic admitted that at first glance, machines can be intimidating. But as a physiotherapy assistant, she knows what each body needs and how to do it safely.

“I think of my people as an orchestra, and everyone plays a different instrument,” Ivovic said.

People who don’t fit into the “fitness box” are some of her favorites, such as a woman with weight problems, a young man with clubfoot, or an 85 year old woman with spine problems. .

“It’s a no-judgment zone,” she said.

Jamie Keith from Vacaville is a client who cannot say enough about Ivovic and his studio. She said she suffered from fibromyalgia and pain management treatments in other places had failed.

“Every day that I can do Pilates is a better day,” she said. “It makes me feel so good. I feel bigger.

Keith said she also enjoys the mindfulness that comes with the practice, as well as the brain exercises involved.

While many companies like to say that their clients are “like family,” for Pilates by Design the sentiment is closer to the truth. There is the “bunch of wine” which meets every week and likes to chat and have a drink after class. There is another group of regulars heading over to the cafe after tea and conversation.

Pilates by design

• Address: 331, rue Main, Vacaville
• Telephone: 707-290-3131
• Website: pilatesbydesign-vacaville.com

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