Powerful String Quartet Covers Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’: Watch – Billboard

Adele and string instruments – a match made in pop music heaven. Known for his classic string covers of popular songs from a variety of genres – and more recently, his contributions to Netflix’s raunchy Regency-era show Bridgerton – Vitamin String Quartet delivered a brand new cover of Adele’s Billboard Hot 100 No.1 single “Easy on Me.” The arrangement was dropped on Friday March 4, as part of the band’s announcement of the upcoming album. Vitamin String Quartet Performs 2021 Hits, Vol. 2, should be released later in March. Adele’s cover was accompanied by an emotional music video filled with contemporary dance.

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Vitamin String Quartet has a long history of transforming Adele’s superb ballads into equally magnificent string arrangements. In 2011, the band released VSQ performs Adele, a seven-track cover album with sleek arrangements of Adele’s greatest hits, from “Rolling in the Deep” to “Someone Like You.” Additionally, the ensemble’s first violinist, Leah Zeger, performed live alongside the 15-time Grammy winner during her One Night Only special at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

Zeger spoke about recording their latest addition to Adele’s canon, saying the cover was an honor to be a part of. “It was a bit surreal to have the pleasure of performing this song with Adele at the Griffith Observatory concert,” Zeger said in a statement. “She’s a sensational performer, and ‘Easy on Me’ is a song for the ages. I don’t feel biased saying that VSQ’s rendition of the song perfectly captures what she was going through when she played it. wrote.

In a Venn diagram where the left circle represents the strings and the right circle represents pop music, VSQ has dominated the medium for more than a decade. Band covers of Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5 and Shawn Mendes served as the musical backdrop for Shondra Rhimes’ hit series Bridgerton. VSQ also uploads modern musical renditions of tracks such as Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” to its YouTube channel.

Discover below the vitaminized string quartet transforming “Easy on Me” into a magnificent string quartet:

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