Prey’s Predator design has gone through a surprising number of iterations

In an interview with Variety, special effects guru, creature designer, and puppeteer Tom Woodruff Jr. spoke about the complicated process it took to create one of the franchise’s most acclaimed and standout creature designs. “Predator” has ever seen. As he explained, the choice to differentiate the creature from previous versions was integrated from the first discussions. “Some of our early conversations with Dan were about making this Predator super thin with some sort of weird camouflage and different from the reptilian thing we’ve seen before.” This meant revising many familiar visual cues and even making subtle changes to the proportions of this particular Yautja.

This approach also applied to the rudimentary gadgets and tools at his disposal, contrasting nicely with the equivalent technology used by Naru and his fearsome brother, the hunter Taabe (Dakota Beavers). According to Woodruff Jr.:

“When we started working on the instruments for the Predator, we had designs that felt a little more handcrafted. The idea was that the Predator also had primitive weapons that evolved.”

All told, Variety reports that his group started with about 20 different concepts that were eventually whittled down to 5. Trachtenberg helped “work out the nuances” that resulted in one of the leanest, stripped-down, but nonetheless great. never engage in his ritual hunt.

“Prey” is currently available to stream on Hulu.

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