Saint-Petersburg Art Supply Center Artissin risks closing and asks for mutual aid | Local arts | Tampa

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Photo via StPeteIsSuperCool/Facebook

Artissin’s owner, Austin David, is a household name among local muralists.

Located on the edge of downtown St. Petersburg, Artissin provides tools to support a key element of the city’s tourism: the arts district, in particular the murals scattered throughout the city. More specifically, Artissin provides the essential spray paint for the work.

Owner Austin David is a household name for local muralists, so it’s no surprise the community is banding together to get him out of a tough spot. Through a combination of depleted savings, rent increases and lost income, Artissin was in danger of becoming another covid-induced shutdown.

But then artist Aleisha Prather opened a GoFundMe for the showcase on January 14; the effort has since raised $12,490 of its $15,000 goal. This big gesture of support has already prevented David from avoiding his original plan to close by February 1 to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Without his store, we will have no choice but to travel to Tampa and support the big chain to fulfill our paint needs,” reads the fundraiser’s biography.

Artisin is located at 328 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N in St. Pete if you would like to support the store with a direct purchase. If you can afford it, give Artissin a chance to bring St. Pete’s eclectic art to life.

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