SHC orders CBC and DHA to provide water


The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued notices to the Secretary of Defence, Director of Military Lands, Attorney General, Clifton Cantonment Council and DHA officials regarding the dispute over non-supply of water and collection of royalties at Clifton.

The court ordered CBC and DHA to provide water to Anwar Mansoor Khan and ensure the implementation of the decision. A two-member bench headed by Judge Syed Hassan Azhar Rizvi heard the dispute over the non-supply of water and the collection of charges at the Clifton Cantonment Board.

Former Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan said he wrote several letters to the cantonment board for water supply. “I was asked to deposit the money, I deposited the money. CBC is now supposed to provide water without chargers. CBC is required to provide five barrels of water per household per month, but I don’t get water till today.”

The court issued notices to relevant authorities for March 22 and ordered CBC and DHA to provide water for Anwar Mansoor Khan’s decision.

Prominent film and TV personality Javed Sheikh got a respite from SHC against the people who had funded his film.

The court prevented the police from intervening in the case. Sheikh had given post-dated checks as collateral for the loan, and fearing the checks would bounce, he contacted SHC to seek a restraining order against cashing the debt instrument.

A CHS bench ordered Sheikh to submit an equivalent amount to the court nazir in a motion to stop check cashing. Sheikh’s lawyer, Khawaja Naveed Advocated, said the checks were drawn under duress.

The plaintiff should be prevented from depositing the checks in the bank because the instruments were forcibly signed, the lawyer said. The plaintiff’s lawyer said that Javed Sheikh took out a loan of more than Rs 30 million for making a film and handed over cheques.

However, only one check was cashed in repayment of the loan. The court ordered Sheikh to deposit the equivalent amount of checks with the Nazi court. The court noted that in the event of payment of the amount deposited in court, the parties must settle the transaction issues.

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