String Orchestra Of Brooklyn will release ENFOLDING, Feat. Works by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti and Scott Wollschleger

On Friday, July 1, 2022, the Brooklyn String Orchestra (SOB) will release their new album, envelopingon New Focus Records. The album contains the world premiere recordings of by Scott Wollschleger Its exterior only and Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti with the color of time, finalist for the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for Music. With this album, the SOB brings together the compositional voices of Lanzilotti and Wollschleger, enveloping these encounters and explorations of sound space.

Released July 1, 2022 on New Focus Recordings
Fold-out pre-order

In Lanzilotti with the Colored Eyes of Time, the titles of the movements refer to works of art that were in the Contemporary Museum (Spalding House) in Honolulu when it opened in the late 1980s: George Rickey’s kinetic sculpture” Two Open Triangles Up, Roundabout III” (1988); “Nahele” by Deborah Butterfield (1986); “Mirror XV” by James Seawright (1987); Toshiko Takaezu’s “Moons,” a series of sculptures she often refers to by the Hawaiian word “mahina”; and David Hockney’s “The Child and the Spells”, originally conceived as a setting for Ravel’s opera of the same name. The title of the piece comes from a phrase from Ravel’s opera. The movements are framed by interludes referring to the bronze doors created by Robert Graham at the entrance to the museum, which feature the silhouettes of women. SOB principal cellist Ken Hashimoto describes the fourth movement, “the spells (the wound/torn page)”, as “quietly sad, bound to repeat and, ultimately, more than a little terrifying”. The Pulitzer Committee described the work as a whole as “a vibrant composition…that distinctly combines experimental string textures and episodes of molten lyricism.” SOB’s premiere of Lanzilotti’s work, which was scheduled for the orchestra’s new music festival in late March 2020, was canceled due to public health restrictions imposed to limit the spread of COVID.

By the summer of 2020, those same restrictions had fundamentally changed the way music could be presented to the public: public indoor performances were canceled indefinitely and orchestras couldn’t even get together to rehearse. The SOB recognized that these limitations could potentially be resolved by composers and commissioned new works suited to the forced new environment. Composers had to meet two conditions: the work had to make sense in an outdoor environment, and the orchestra would not need to rehearse the work more than a few minutes before the performance. Wollschleger’s solution was “to structure the musical material in which each player was like a single cicada and there was never a need for a conductor. Instead, each player used a stopwatch and functioned as the ‘one of a group of insects in a field, or like a gaseous cloud of sound.’ His intention was to express the inner world that everyone had experienced in 2020 in an outer space, “The body is the boundary between inner and outer space, and becomes a liminal space in which to process experience: the world inside the listener, outside the world listener.”

Wollschleger scored Outside Only Sound for string orchestra and 6 percussionists who tilt a variety of large metal mixing bowls. The work begins and ends with each musician in the full ensemble playing a series of small bells to create a magical atmosphere. The live recording captured here, in a Brooklyn park, with ambulance sirens, people talking, children laughing and the occasional barking of dogs, depicts New York’s resilience and commitment to art and creation, even at the height of the COVID pandemic.

with eyes the color of time was finally created in August 2021 thanks to the support of an emergency grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. About the performance, Night After Night wrote, “The music…was alive and vital, the one you feel in your ears and guts, imbued with the specific way of acoustic alchemy that makes us attend concerts. live to start. The whole thing lasted no more than 45 minutes, but it was a deeply moving and deeply satisfying experience – one I intend to repeat soon, and hope often.”

About Scott Wollschleger

Scott Wollschleger (b. 1980) is a composer who grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. His music has been highly regarded for its striking timbres and conceptual originality. Wollschleger “has become a formidable individual presence” in the contemporary musical landscape (The Rest Is Noise, Alex Ross). His distinct musical language explores themes of art in dystopia, the conceptualization of silence, synesthesia and creative repetition in form.

Wollschleger’s concert works can be heard in the United States and around the world. Upcoming and recent projects include commissions from Adam Tendler, The String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Bearthoven, William Lang, Anne Lanzilotti, Du.0, loadbang and Third Angle Music. Her debut album, Soft Aberration, was released on New Focus Recordings in 2017 and was named Notable Recording of 2017 by The New Yorker. His second album, American Dream, written for Bearthoven, was released on Cantaloupe Music in 2019. His latest album, Dark Days, was released on New Focus Recordings in 2021.

Slightly following in the footsteps of the New York School, Wollschleger received his master’s degree in composition from the Manhattan School of Music in 2005, where he studied with Nils Vigeland, whom Morton Feldman himself called “the most brilliant student that I ever had”. Wollschleger has received support from various organizations, including New Music USA, BMI, New York Foundation for the Arts, and Yvar Mikhashoff Trust for New Music. Wollschleger was Co-Artistic Director of Red Light New Music, a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation and creation of contemporary music.

In addition to his musical ideas, Wollschleger frequently delves into the philosophical writings of Deleuze, Nietzsche and Brecht and maintains an ongoing collaboration with Deleuzian scholar Corry Shores. Their recently co-authored thesis, Rhythm Without Time, was presented at the London Graduate School’s academic conference, “Rhythm and Event”. Wollschleger’s work is published by Project Schott New York. Learn more about

About Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti

Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti (born 1983) is a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) musician dedicated to the arts of our time. A “leading singer-songwriter” (The New York Times), Lanzilotti’s “conceptually powerful” work is characterized by explorations of timbre and an interest in translating everyday sounds into concert instruments using non-traditional techniques. His musical voice is grounded in experimental practices, both through influences within the Wandelweiser collective’s network of musicians/artists, and through his own explorations of radical indigenous contemporaneity. “Lanzilotti’s score brings us together across the world in remembrance, through the engagement of shared sound gestures.” (Cities & Health)

Lanzilotti has received a Native Launchpad Artist Award, McKnight Visiting Composer Residency, OPERA America: Women Composers Discovery Grant, and First Peoples Fund Artist in Business Leadership Fellow, among other honors. She had the honor of being a 2022 Pulitzer Prize finalist for her piece for string orchestra, With Eyes the Color of Time, which the Pulitzer Committee called a “vibrant composition…that distinctly combines textures of experimental strings and episodes of melting lyricism”. .”

As a composer, Lanzilotti has written for ensembles such as Roomful of Teeth, Argus Quartet and Chamber Music Hawaiʻi. His works have been featured in international festivals such as Ars Electronica (Austria), Thailand International Composition Festival and Dots+Loops – Australia’s post-genre music and arts series. Lanzilotti has collaborated with the Noguchi Museum on several commissions, writing compositions honoring Noguchi’s sculptures in conjunction with installations. Learn more about

About the Brooklyn String Orchestra

The String Orchestra of Brooklyn (SOB) is a unique community of musicians who come together in a supportive environment to enrich the lives of our communities through music. Adopting an inclusive approach to music creation, the SOB seeks to democratize both the production and reception of concert music. Founded in 2007 by artistic director Eli Spindel, the Brooklyn String Orchestra is “quickly cementing its role as a major orchestral figure in the borough” (I Care if You Listen), providing a rewarding creative outlet for hundreds of musicians, and accessible , adventurous programming to thousands of viewers and community members.

Praised for its passionate commitment to the music of our time by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, I Care if You Listen, The New Yorker, and many others, SOB places particular emphasis on the work of living composers The orchestra is featured on Richard Carrick’s album Cycles of Evolution and has featured world premieres by composers including Anthony Coleman, Alexandra Gardner, Judd Greenstein, Katherine Young, Alex Mincek, Catherine Lamb, Scott Wollschleger, Christopher Cerrone, Darian Thomas, etc. Their debut album afterimage, released by New Focus Recordings, was named one of NPR’s Top 10 Albums of January 2020 and AllMusic described it as “an engaging example of the work of new songwriters trying to forge ties with the historical classical repertoire”.

The orchestra collaborates with vital arts and community organizations throughout the city, including BAM, Roulette, MoMA, the Whitney, Wave Hill, Little Island, ISSUE Project Room, The American Opera Project, GHOSTLIGHT Chorus, the Fort Greene Park Conservancy and the Noel Pointer Foundation. Guest soloists and conductors have included such stars as Tito Muñoz, Charlers Neidich, Steve Beck, Matt Boehler, David Kaplan, Rachel Lee Priday, Lauren Michelle, Michael Brown, Giora Schmidt and the Argus Quartet. Learn more about

Tracklist flyer

1. Scott Wollschleger – Exterior Sound Only [14:22]
Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti – with eyes the color of time
2. bronze doors [3:20]
3. Open triangles [2:38]
4. Nahele (the bronze horse / the forest) [3:52]
5. the spells (the wound / the torn page) [3:09]
6.Silhouette [1:33]
7. XV Mirror [2:28]
8. mahina [7:50]
9. fold [7:29]

Total duration: 46:41

Brooklyn String Orchestra
Eli Spindel, conductor

Outside Only Sound was recorded live at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY on October 17, 2022.

with eyes the color of time was recorded by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio in Mount Vernon, NY on August 8, 2021. Edited by Ryan Streber, Charles Mueller and Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti.

Master: Ryan Streber
Executive producers: Eli Spindel, Ken Hashimoto
Illustration and cover design: Jasmine Parsia

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