Supply campaign and concert in the Charleston area in support of Ukraine this weekend | News

Two events in the Charleston area in the coming days will benefit those displaced by the crisis in Ukraine.

Euro Foods Bakery and Cafe will stock up at 9 a.m. on March 5 at the City of Charleston’s 14 Sumar Street site in West Ashley.

The site is located down the street from the Euro Foods store.

People can bring medical supplies, military boots, socks, non-perishable food, candles, flashlights and other emergency items.

The supplies will be placed on a truck donated by Bulmaks Inc. and driven to New Jersey, where they will be shipped by delivery company Meest-America Inc. to those hosting refugees in Eastern Europe.

Euro Foods is in partnership with the City of Charleston and Kinga Madro, a Charleston-area resident who immigrated from Poland in the 90s. Madro first started collecting donations to send to a friend who opened her house in Poland near the Ukrainian border to accommodate refugees. Madro’s aunt, Jadwiga Miloszewicz, also opened her home to women and children fleeing Ukraine.

Euro Foods, whose owner is originally from Ukraine, contacted Madro to organize the collaborative event to benefit the refugees.

Madro will receive the donations on Saturday to send to his aunt to help those in need.

“She needed financial support because she cannot feed, clothe and medically provide all these people,” Madro said. “We are just trying to help (the refugees) survive.”

In downtown Charleston, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church will host a daytime concert from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 9 to raise money for refugees. The church is located at 405 King Street.

All donations will go to the non-profit organization United Help Ukraine. People can donate online at or with a physical donation at the church.

Gabriel Smallwood, a native of Florence, who studies the harpsichord in a German college, will perform at St. Matthew’s. It will feature performances by renowned European composers.

Jason Bazzle, Music Director of St. Matthew’s, will play the church organ.

Smallwood pitched the idea out of a desire to use her gift to help others in times of crisis, Bazzle said. The church agreed because it’s important for Christians to help those in need, Bazzle said.

More than a million people have been driven from their homes in Ukraine to neighboring countries, according to the United Nations.

The invasion of Russia comes after nearly eight years of active fighting in Ukraine, according to the United Nations. The UN has identified 2.9 million people living in conflict-affected areas of eastern Ukraine who were already in need of humanitarian assistance before the current crisis.

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