Tenant protections vs housing supply: why not both?

As a rabid and boring advocate of increased density, it has been music to me to hear local leaders talk about the importance of more housing to solving our affordability crisis.

However, some of the reinvigorated interest in the offer has apparently been used solely to deflect calls for consumer protections, such as rent stabilization and a declaration of tenants’ rights, rather than a proposal to do whatever. it’s about that.

For those who fear that a policy of rent stabilization will freeze housing supply, I say this: take up the challenge of stimulating new supply. No crocodile tears for housing supply; let’s do something about it.

We know the policies that will increase the supply of housing. Get rid of exclusion zoning. Allow four units per duty countywide. Allow infill flats everywhere. Get rid of parking requirements. Liberalize onerous regulations related to minimum lot sizes, floor area ratios, setbacks and other specifications that limit housing density. Free up incredibly dense, passable housing close to SunRail stations. Invest in public transport. Tax land instead of buildings. Encourage innovative types of housing, such as micro-apartments and single rooms.

In other words, legalize housing.

If someone doesn’t really want to increase housing supply because it’s politically difficult, then they should just say so. But they shouldn’t use it as a shield to hide from struggling tenants.

Austin Valley Orlando

Every year, the nation celebrates August 7 as Purple Heart Day. Please take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of these wounded in action and killed in action veterans and members of our armed forces who have been in danger and awarded the Purple Heart Medal.

Rich Sloane Oviedo

Rich Sloane is a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Gov. Ron DeSantis should be commended with loud cheers for suspending Andrew Warren, the rogue Democratic state attorney in Hillsborough who says he won’t enforce a law passed by the Florida legislature he disapproves of. Warren must be reminded that America is a land of laws, not men.

Prosecutors take an oath to uphold the constitution and uphold the rule of law. They are forbidden to choose which laws to apply and which to ignore.

Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister echoed DeSantis, agreeing that Warren’s actions were illegal and would lead to increased crime and danger to the citizens they represent.

DeSantis has distinguished himself because he possesses a rare and uncommon courage to boldly oppose those who are destroying America, including rogue prosecutors. Warren’s suspension will have a chilling effect on other lawless liberal prosecutors who abuse the power of their office to promote a personal agenda and circumvent equal justice under the law.

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jimmy conner Tavares

I worked as a Certified Practical Nurse (CNA) for almost 21 years. Like many of my peers, I am in this profession for more than accolades or a paycheck. I fell in love with being a CNA because it allows me to care for others who depend on me. No other profession offers the opportunity to build such strong relationships while gaining invaluable wisdom and perspective from real people.

CNAs have a significant impact on the quality of care and quality of life for residents of long-term care facilities. But I worry that fewer people will pursue this career and what that will mean for the future of Florida’s aging seniors.

To address the need to attract more CPNs to Florida’s long-term care workforce, the Florida Health Care Association and the Florida State Agency for Health Care Administration have partnered with a grant-funded CaregiversFL career program designed to connect skilled nursing centers with people seeking careers in long-term care. This program makes it easy for CNAs to fill open positions and helps those interested in becoming a CNA learn about the different paths to becoming a CNA and how to receive on-the-job training while earning a paycheck.

If you are considering a career as a CNA, do your research and talk to someone who is already in the field. I hope more people will use the CaregiversFL career program to seek a career path in the long-term care profession and take action to care for Florida’s vulnerable population.

michelle robinson Longwood

Michelle Robinson is CNA at Village on the Green in Longwood.

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