The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra will present Lou Harrison’s CONCERTO FOR PIPA AND STRING ORCHESTRA

Wu Man, “the best pipa player in the world” (The New York Times), will make her subscription series debut at the San Francisco Symphony on Friday, February 11 and Saturday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m. PT as a soloist in Lou Harrison’s Concerto for pipa and string orchestra. This will be the first performance of the concerto by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, one of five SF Symphony Orchestra premieres on the program which includes works by Texu Kim, Younghi Pagh-Paan, Takashi Yoshimatsu and Zhou Long.

Mr. Harrison (1917-2003) composed the Concerto for Wu Man in 1997. It was the first concerto for pipa – a lute-like instrument with a history of over two thousand years – by a Western composer and the last great- scale work which Mr. Harrison composed before his death. It has been an integral part of Ms. Wu’s repertoire since she premiered it with Dennis Russell Davies and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra at Lincoln Center. She recently performed excerpts from the concerto’s lively second movement with The Knights and dancer Maile Okamura for a video titled “Bits & Pieces” which was filmed at Harrison House, the late composer’s desert home and retirement. artist near the border of Joshua Tree National Park. .

“This concerto has been such an important and cherished part of my artistic life and I am so happy to perform it in a city that Lou loved and where the Chinese community had such a formative influence on him,” Ms. Wu said. He spoke so fondly of his visit to Chinatown in San Francisco as a student and attending Chinese opera performances where he heard traditional Chinese music for the first time and is fall in love.”

Mr. Harrison’s music has already been widely featured and celebrated by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, especially under the award-winning musical direction. Michel TilsonThomas, whose 25-year-old leadership began with the world premiere of Mr. Harrison’s “A Parade for MTT” in 1995. Mr. Harrison was the focus of the symphony’s first “American Mavericks” festival in 2000, performing, touring and recording his Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra. The symphony orchestra and MTT also presented an extensive centennial celebration at its experimental performance venue, SoundBox, in December 2016.

Tickets for the Davies Symphony concerts can be purchased by clicking on here or by calling the San Francisco Symphony Box Office at 415-864-6000. Tickets priced from $20 to $125.

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