Unitron brings sleek style and innovation to hearing aid design with Moxi™ B-RS


KITCHNER, Ontario, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Expanding the award-winning Moxi design family, Unitron announces the official launch of its Moxi B-RS hearing aids. Offering a unique streamlined form factor and elevated appearance, Moxi B-RS is designed with design in mind, providing a hearing aid developed to appeal to a design-driven clientele.

With a unique and avant-garde design, Moxi B-RS breaks aesthetic barriers and offers a real alternative in the choice of style. Moxi B-RS is accompanied by the newly designed Moxi RS Charger, offering convenience and recharging capability in a sleek case with magnetic instrument retention. Individual left and right instruments are designed for comfort and built specifically for each ear, with a seven-degree tilt on the receiver plugs ensuring a proper fit for all-day comfort and ease of use.

“Functionality and fashion are central to the design of the Moxi B-RS,” says Nicholas McLaughlin, Business Unit Manager at Unitron. “Hearing health is important for people of all ages, and extra support through hearing care technology is essential for hearing-impaired customers. Redefining the look of hearing aids with a new, cutting-edge option may be key for those who are hesitant to adopt hearing aid technology.”

“Incorporating the innovative design desired by a wide variety of customers with our adaptive and flexible hearing technology is what sets Moxi B-RS apart as a stylish and functional hearing aid innovation,” says Unitron Senior Product Manager. , Matt Whiteman.

Moxi B-RS joins Unitron’s portfolio of award-winning designs with a stylish alternative to traditional hearing aids with sound performance that follows clients no matter where life takes them.

Unitron is proud to announce that Moxi B-RS has the distinction of being recognized with the Red Dot Award for Design 2022. This distinction represents the 9and Red Dot award winner since 2014.

“This international recognition of the Moxi B-RS is a huge honor for Unitron,” says Sandra Fulton, VP Marketing Group Unitron. “People are at the forefront of our design philosophy, our teams work tirelessly to deliver hearing solutions that allow our customers to live their lives to the fullest while enjoying innovative design and flexible hearing technology.”

The Red Dot Award, which dates back to 1955, is an internationally recognized distinction celebrating excellence in product design. This is the 9th time Unitron has received the Red Dot Award for its hearing aids, showcasing a design philosophy focused on aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality.

The product will be available this summer. For more information on Moxi B-RS, please visit unitron.com/moxi-brs

About Unitron

At Unitron, we provide people with enriching hearing experiences that fit seamlessly into their world. Our sound performance technology, experience innovations, and intuitive design work seamlessly together for unparalleled customization and optimization. Because everyone deserves I love the experience.MT For more information, visit unitron.com.


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