Vibrations: designing vibrating buildings for the cancer center, part 1

Critical industries need building infrastructure that eliminates even the slightest whisper of the wind or the rumble of public transport from miles away. Sensitive instruments used in critical research, testing, and product equipment must exist in a vibration-free environment. TCM, an industry leader, understands these needs and its products have become an essential vibration control tool to solve building vibration problems. Ahmad Bayat, PE, President of Vibro-Acoustic Consultants, and Mike Georgalis, North American Sales Manager of Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC), joined Vibrations host Daniel J. Litwin for an in-depth 3-part discussion on vibration. control strategies and technologies, including insight into a recent cancer research lab project with a stimulating micro-vibration design. In this first episode, Bayat and Georgalis laid the groundwork for understanding the challenges of critical environments with building vibrations.

“The world of micro and nano-scale which involves not only life sciences but also many industries where R&D is needed besides manufacturing and production has migrated to nano-scale these days- here,” Bayat said. “Not only do scientists study the subatomic structure of a cancer cell, where it might be a semiconductor component, but they also examine and manipulate the atomic and subatomic structure. So the challenge for all of us is to successfully operate precision tools to enable scientists to perform what they need to do in terms of manipulation and analysis of different species. And in this case study, the precision needed is for cancer cells.

Conquering this world of nanoscale vibration can be challenging. Yet these are the ones Bayat and Georgalis like to undertake, no matter what industry requires such advanced technology.

“These types of issues are common problems, and they need to be addressed in different places around the world and in many different industries,” Georgalis said. “A good example is in the semiconductor industry where large microchip makers are pushing the limits of the size of a microchip they can manufacture.” These chips require vibration-free manufacturing conditions, so these companies rely on partners like TCM to create vibration-free solutions.

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