Voices of Music String back in action

Voice of music

Unlike most groups SFCV reported, Voices of Music was one of the few organizations not to realize the power of online engagement due to the pandemic. Because of their online video channel and the enthusiasm they have generated there, they regularly leave with wreaths of SFCVPeople’s Choice Award. And during the lockdown, Voices of Music was streaming a fair amount of content. But now it’s back to business and the just announced live season picks up where it left off.

In a slightly cut short season, the group begins with their usual holiday concerto gig (December 17-19), this time featuring Avery Fisher Career Fellow 2020 Rachell Wong, on violin in the Bach Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041. The power of the star violinist continues in the set from February 18 to 20 with the great Elizabeth Blumenstock joined by Augusta McKay Lodge, whose career is overheating, thanks to three solo albums on Naxos (two released last year) and numerous appearances. with the best orchestras of period instruments. Lodge has performed several times with Voices of Music, and this concert, “Musica Transalpina”, centers around the Italian music and musicians who brought the virtuoso style of the Italian violin to England, a preference which, once established in the 17th century , never really left the British Isles. The concert’s composers include Marco Uccellini, Biagio Marini, Arcangelo Corelli, Nicola Matteis and, of course, Henry Purcell and Georg Friedrich Handel, who were fluent in the style.

Augusta McKay Lodge | Credit: Jiyang Chen Photography

Lodge returns the following month (March 25-27) to end the season with two of London’s most famous musical transplants in the 18th century, Handel and Francesco Geminiani, who of course knew each other and performed together in public once.

The concert venues are: First Congregational Church in Palo Alto, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco, and First Congregational Church in Berkeley. All ushers and musical staff will be masked. Proof of vaccination and photo ID will be required from all concert attendees and the public is required to wear masks throughout the performance.

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